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My 3 Favorite Binary Options Tricks

My 3 Favorite Binary Options Tricks

Binary Option Signals

by Signe J. Petersen New  

The fastest way to make money by investing in the financial markets is to trade in binary options. These incredibly simple investment tools offer very fast returns and the possibility to earn big profits very quickly.

Whereas binary options are easy to understand and invest in, everybody can do with some extra help. Today I would like to present 3 binary options tricks that all sorts of traders can benefit from.

These tricks are 100% legitimate. They will give you access to extra investment funds, and tell you how to benefit from professional expert trading advice. They will also reveal to you the secret of accomplishing sustained success by managing your money in a smart way.

Read on to find out the secrets of profitable binary options trading!

1. Double Your Investment With A Binary Bonus

This is a trick that all smart binary options traders need to take advantage of. When you open an account with a binary broker, you will in many instances be able to cash in some sort of bonus.

A binary options bonus consists of money you can use to invest in binary options. In most cases, you will receive your bonus when you transfer money to a new brokerage account. At this point the broker will deposit a certain amount of extra funds in the account.

In many cases the bonus will be as big as the deposit you made. That means you can trade for twice as much money! Naturally, this means that you can earn twice as much. Clearly, this is a great opportunity to give your trading a flying start.

Many brokers operate with an unlimited bonus, whereas others have a maximum bonus ceiling capped at about $5000 or $10,000.

2. Outsmart The Competition With Binary Signals

You will find a lot of articles online about technical analysis and the importance of learning how to read candlestick charts and other ways to analyze the market. It is by all means true that understanding technical analysis can help you become a better binary trader. But it is by no means a necessity.

The truth is that you can simply pay to have specially designed computer software packages do all the market analysis for you. This way you free up your own time by not having to study technical analysis or spend hours every day reading price charts.

By subscribing to a binary signal provider, you get access to recommended trades generated by sophisticated computer programs. For a monthly fee about $100 you can get these recommendations sent to you every trading day. Thatís a very good price considering the profits signals can help you earn during a whole month.

3. Establish A Smart Money Management Strategy

Managing your investment fund smartly is just as important as making winning trades. This is unfortunately something a lot of traders fail to realize. And that can prove a very costly mistake.

No matter how good you are at technical analysis, or how good the signals you trade on are, you will still lose a lot of your trades. The markets are unpredictable, and even the pros arenít always right.

This means you have to be prepared to incur losses. If you win 7 out of every 10 trades you are doing very well indeed. So, how to cope with a situation where you will lose 30% of all the investments you make?

The secret is to never invest more than 5% of your total account balance in any one trade. This way you protect yourself from any losing streaks.


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My 3 Favorite Binary Options Tricks

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