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One Way Linking Campaign  
Link building campaign - a must for your site

Open Directory Project Guide  
The Open Directory Project (ODP) is perhaps the most important directory any webmaster can submit a site to these days. Even more important than Yahoo?

Power Packed Linking Strategies  
How to find a suitable linking strategy for your website and put it to work for you.

Proper Directory Submissions  
A detailed tutorial on how to write effective directory listings as well as tips on how to properly submit to the Internet's top directories.

Savvy Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research  
Savvy Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research Your Competitors Aren't Doing

Search engine & directory submission tips  
Site submission to search engines and directories is often done incorrectly. In order to get the best results from search engine and directory submissions, Grantastic Designs offers the following web site submission tips.

Search Engine Optimization  
You may have asked yourself, "Why do I need to hire a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company? Can't I do the same thing myself?"

Search Engine Optimization and Semantics  
Index Content Not Keywords

SEO & Competition Analysis  
Analyzing your competition should be the second step taken during the SEO process, right after and sometimes even during keyword selection.

SEO For Google  
Google is currently the largest of all the search engines with ComScore Media estimating this giant to be responsible for ...

This is article one of a four part series on optimizing your website for the "Big Three"...

SEO For The Big Three  
Ranking your website highly on one of the big three search engines (Google, Yahoo or MSN) is a daunting task let alone ranking your website highly on all three.

SEO For The New Google  
For those who's businesses rely on the Internet to produce revenue the latest Google update, nicknamed Jagger ...

SEO For Yahoo!  
Yahoo! is the second biggest of the three major engines and includes an enormous network of websites...

SEO in an eCommerce World  
Why should your company take Internet business seriously?

SEO versus Marketing: The Fine Art of Copywriting  
Forget everything you’ve ever read, heard or seen about web marketing. Forget the marketing gurus and poo-bahs...

SMEs & SEO, The Big No No!  
Why search engine optimization services do not often serve small businesses well.

Spamming Techniques That You Will Want To Avoid!  
Explores many common spamming techniques that the search engines frown upon and advises against practicing them.

Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website (Parts 1 - 5)  
Over this ten part search engine positioning (SEO) series we will go through ten essential elements and steps to optimizing a site.

Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website (Parts 6 - 10)  
Over this ten part search engine positioning (SEO) series we will go through ten essential elements and steps to optimizing a site.

The Evolution of Search  
There have been many significant changes to the face of search over the last several years with engines becoming more intelligent than ever before.

The importance of robots.txt  
How to create a robots.txt file for search engines to effectively navigate and index a website. A well written robots.txt file helps improve search engine rankings by providing important information to the search engine bot.

The Nightmares of a SEO  
This article explores many of the things that can go wrong in a search engine optimization campaign due to the lack of communication between a client and their SEO.

The Rise of the Directory  
This article seeks to explore the relevancy and usefulness of directories for search engine optimization purposes.

The Road to Better results  
A lot has changed in the way sites are optimized for search engines since last year.

Traditional Search Engine Optimization VS. Pay Per Click  
Article explores search engine optimization (SEO) verses pay per click advertising and which type of marketing will bring more long term value.

Tying It Together  
SEO For The Big Three

Using PPC To Maximize Your Search Engine Positioning ROI  
The quest for higher search engine positioning on the natural search engines is...

W3C Compliance & SEO  
From reading the title many of you are probably wondering what W3C compliance has to do with SEO and many more are probably wondering what W3C compliance is at all.

Web Designers as SEO Partners    Popular
Most designers do not get involved with web marketing or the search engine optimization process, but a little help from them can go a long way.

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