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Designing and Creating a Website from Scratch

Designing and Creating a Website from Scratch

Website development not complicated like before...

Nuur Hasan 

Website as you see is becoming a must-have for any business and sometimes for individuals as well. Since everyone is making websites, there is competition, therefore copy pasting templates or any such thing won't really do. In order to give your business a good outlook, you'd have to build a website from scratch.

Website development may look complicated task but it is a rather easy one if you learn the right things and go step by step. There is unlimited number of tools and software which can aid you.

Here are some easy steps which you can learn in no time. These steps will allow you to make a genuinely creative and original website of your own.

1. Learn HTML

There is no other way around it. To build websites you'll have to learn HTML. HTML is a simple language to learn. It will take you less than a week to get a grip on this language and even develop a plain website. If you learn HTML you can take any design or template and customize it according to your own needs. Without knowledge of HTML you'll be stuck with the design you have and you won't be able to change a thing.

2. Learn CSS

Cascade style sheet is an advanced version of HTML. It allows the properties you have set in HTML to be applied to various documents. For example if you want the background color of pages green, you can enter one command at one place and all the pages of your website become green.

3. Use Photoshop for Design and Layout

You can learn basic Photoshop tools to build a website layout in no time. In order to become a graphic designer, Photoshop must be explored thoroughly but web designing is a rather simple process. You can take a layout of some other website and change color and style properties to make it look original.

4. Use Dreamweaver to Make that Design a Website

Dreamweaver is without doubt one of the easiest tools for web development in the world. It is as simple as the MS Word itself. Yet it works effectively to construct a spell binding website. Everything, even the HTML codes are readily available right in front of you.

It would not take you more than a month at the very maximum to learn and master all the above mentioned steps.


About The Author


Nuur Hasan is professional website developer having a good grasp of HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

Hosted Exchange

Nuur found Intermedia a very useful website in learning about hosted exchange and other website traits.

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Designing and Creating a Website from Scratch

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