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The Picture Game Brain Exercise

The Picture Game Brain Exercise

Take the time to exercise your brain just like you would your heart. Read to learn how to enhance your memory with a fun but simple game.

Cade Lennox 

So you want to look great and feel great. Have you thought about thinking great.

Just as important as exercise for your body is exercise for your brain. In fact your brain needs a lot of exercise in order to keep it from going crazy.

Research shows that if you keep your brain active you will have a better memory when you get older and you will not have severe brain disorders.

In some cases brain disorders are completely genetic and thus cannot be prevented, but for the majority, working the brain will help avoid a lot of frustration and mental problems.

In some cases you will find that brain games can help with anxiety. So maybe you should give the picture game a try so that you do not lose old Mister Reliable.

This game is called Picture Find. The great thing about this game is that there are an infinite number of times you can play.

Many find this game fun and yet still find it to be a good challenge. The essence of this game is to remember where you left your keys.

By keys, it is being implied that you will have to find many different random object in a picture. In this game you look at a random picture for about a minute.

After that minute you can no longer look at the picture. The picture must be put out of sight.

You will then write out all the different things that you remember looking at. Try to remember every object that you saw.

In few cases you will find that you remember everything. As time goes on you will get better at it.

You will find that you will remember where you lost the keys and you will remember important dates and facts better than you did before. Consider places where you can get pictures.

Google Images is a great way that you can get pictures. Search for pictures of rooms such as living rooms, bath rooms and dining rooms.

Print out the picture or look at the screen. Never get the same picture twice.

This game can be to improve the mental ability of your employees or students. There once was a boss who gave his employees a picture every day at the start of work.

He made sure that every day they played this game. He found that by doing that, all of the employees were more efficient than they were before.

Try making this more fun by taking old photos that are older than five years old and using them in the game. Try to remember names of old friends and colleagues as well.

If you think that you are getting better, take the time to search for more complex photos with more items in them. Think about using photos of messes.

The best thing about this game is that it is free and works better than any supplement that you might take or any online program that you might try.


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Cade Lennox is a health and fitness expert who writes treadmill reviews and other exercise articles as well as articles about diets, nutrition and other health related topics.

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The Picture Game Brain Exercise

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