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Brain Exercises - Counting Backward

Brain Exercises - Counting Backward

Take advantage of a healthy lifestyle not only with body exercise but also brain exercises.

Cade Lennox 

Imagine a world where everything was backward and opposite. It would be a little strange would it not?

Regardless it would make you go crazy because your brain would have to do double the work to process anything. For a while it would be a little frustrating but you would find with enough time that you are actually getting used to things and that your brain is stronger and more powerful.

Obviously the world we live in is normal and does not have anything backward about it except for a few things. Even so, there is a game that will help you boost your mental health.

The idea of this game is that, like a backwards reality, makes you work your brain to do something that it is not used to doing.

The counting backward game can be done in so many ways. They will be explained below in this article.

The counting backward game does not have to be usual or boring. It consists basically of counting backward only with a few variations it is fun and unique.

Take a moment and think of any number. Make sure the number is not too crazy that you would spend more than five minutes just to guess one change in digits.

Now that you have your number, count down backward. So if your so lame as to choose nine, you would count from nine, to eight, to seven, to six, to five, etc.

What you choose depends on what number you can handle but yet you would still have to cook up some braincells to figure out. A good number would be two hundred.

Like was mentioned before you can mix this game up a little so that it is fun. You do not necessarily have to count by ones backward.

You could try counting backwards by fives. This means subtracting five every time.

You can count out loud or you can count in your head. Counting in your head is harder.

Counting out loud is good for starters because internalizing big number can cause a complete mental meltdown if you are not ready for it.

Never count backwards with the same number twice. You can creatively think of new numbers every time you do it.

The great thing about this exercise is that you can do it every night when you are about to go to sleep. Getting to a good nights rest can be simply done when you start counting backwards.

You will find that before you count to zero that you will find that a new day has begun. Counting can be made more intense if you count a certain item such as sheep or cars.

You could even make things more complex with for example sheep by imagining them jumping over a fence, backward, while dancing to disco and wearing a blouse. Your imagination is the limit. For starters however take things on an easy level.


About The Author

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Cade Lennox is a health and fitness expert. He has written hundreds of articles about a variety of topics, including exercise, gardening, and the best mattress.

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Brain Exercises - Counting Backward

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