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How to Clean a Pool Table

How to Clean a Pool Table

Turn an old beat up pool table into the pricey table it once was. Try these steps and also consider having your pool table refurbished.

Cade Lennox 

A pool table is made up of many different parts. There is a cloth part and a wooden part.

You do not want to throw anything on it that will damage either part permanently. However there are a number of different products that you can use safely.

Furniture polish works miracles on wood. Often a pool tables wood will start looking ugly when it gets too much wear and tear.

There are a number of different products you could use, as well as colors for wood. What you choose depends on your personal tastes in most cases.

If the pool table is in a public location, it will look best if its colors match the colors of the other pool tables. In most cases you will have to sand down the old wood in order to apply new polish.

Take extreme caution if you decide to re stain the wood. The stain can easily stain the pool tables carpeted surface.

Make sure the stain can be cleaned afterwords and that it does not leave any strong smells. You do not want to always play pool in a room full of chemical smells.

You have to use some creativity to make sure that the staining material never end up on the fabric. Take extreme caution in areas that are adjacent to the fabric.

If you do not want to go as far as to sand and stain the pool table, there are polishes that merely clean and shine the surface of the wood. These will work just find if the pool table does not need a major fixer-upper.

To clean the carpeted part there are many approaches you should take. You should consider using a soft bristle brush over the fabric, a clean shoe shine brush will work as well.

If the cloth is really old, be extra careful when you are brushing it. Brushing it may actually cause it to shine the surface.

Shiny spots make the pool table look very unprofessional. You can try using a vacuum as well to get any dirt out of it.

Others have found that a lint roller works charms. Special lint brushes should work just as well.

A small handheld vacuum might even do the trick if your table is in no need of serious repair. If it is in need of serious repair, then you might just consider hiring a professional to remodel it and clean it for you.

You should be able to use certain types of upholstery cleaners on your table. Make sure you test the cleaner on a similar surface and read the directions.

You may even like to do some additional research to ensure that you do not mess up the surface of your table. If you are sure the cleaner works, clean the table as you would a carpet just make sure that you are more gentle.


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Cade Lennox is an expert in billiards and pool tables. He has written dozens of articles about playing the game, taking care of your pool table, and pool table reviews.

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How to Clean a Pool Table

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