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Government Grants

Government Grants

Hopes & Dreams, the True Lottery Prize!

Allen Michaels   Popular

We all do it, at least once or twice in our lifetime, it's something that plays on our deepest emotions and our grand desire to be successful and respected by our peers. It's called Playing the Lottery! Each and every year millions of Americans play State lotteries in the hopes of striking it rich, and never having to work for anyone ever again.

But, what most people don't realize is that winning a State Lottery is a long shot, an overwhelming mind boggling 1- Million to 1 shot, and that's if you can get those odds!

Now let's say there were a Government Backed program that could boast a success rate of over 72 percent, do you think most Americans would play? I think so. Now, the program I'm talking about is Government and Private sponsored grant programs and I know what you're thinking, you think that nobody ever gets this money, well I can assure you that people Do get this money, and so can you if you know where to look.

Each and every year the US Government and Private funding sources give out over $400 Billion dollars to entrepreneurs and individuals who are looking to start or expand a business.

As stated above, in some of the major programs well over 72% of the people who apply for these grants, get the money. That's roughly 2 out of every 3 people that apply for money, get it! I think even I would play a Lottery that could boast a 72% win rate! Wouldn't you?

Well, lets get too the good stuff shall we. Below you will find some very helpful tips and procedures you will need to follow in order to get your funding search started.

Now that you know this money is available, let's get focused on some facts. Before you start looking for a capital grant or funding source, you need to do some in-depth planning of your proposed project and the purpose of your financial need. All Federal and Private funding sources will demand a precise, brief and clear proposal.

First, compile the information below.

  1. Your name address and phone number.
  2. The purpose for your funding needs.
  3. The expected results - long and short term.
  4. The purposed project breakdown - Staff, budget, leases etc.
  5. The total cost of implementation.

Having the complete project information and your funding needs well mapped out will help you secure the grant you need, and make the job of the grant agency much easier. They will appreciate your efforts and this will speed up the process dramatically.

Next, you will need to compile a short list of Government and Private agencies that provide funds for your particular need. This could be a little tricky. For starters, check out the reference section of your local library or You can do a search for Grant programs, Grant Listings or Grant sources on your favorite search engine.

Find agencies that best fit your needs, most of the agencies will list their requirements in order to submit your application and in most cases will help you fill out the forms necessary. Most of all, be clear and honest.

After you have compiled your information, and sorted your list of potential grantors, you can now prepare your initial contact letter and send them to each of the agencies and or private funding sources. Make the letter very brief, and only include the information necessary to secure the funds. They don't need nor do they want any more information than absolutely necessary.

Make your letter professional looking, one or two pages, No More. NEVER Hand write your letter, this will get your letter tossed Guaranteed! Always type your letter using your favorite word processing software like Microsoft Works, Word Perfect or your typewriter. Use a letter head when ever possible, and sign your name on the bottom of the letter to give it that professional look.

Now you're ready to mail your letters to each of the agencies you have chosen. Use a #10 size envelope, and a return address, a label would be nice but not necessary. You can hand write the agencies address this would be expected. You should start receiving responses within 3-5 weeks, your quick reply is crucial and make sure you write ATT: (To the person who contacted you) on the front of the envelope, this will ensure that the same person who sent you the reply will receive your documents.

Although Lotteries can be fun to play, and the payoff staggering! the law of averages are against us all. Why not play the Government Lottery game that can almost guarantee a win! Never give up, and NEVER Take NO for an Answer,as a wise man once said, Persistence is Infectious.


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Government Grants

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