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Six Steps to Keeping Your Desk Tidy

Six Steps to Keeping Your Desk Tidy

Some people seem to be born organised. Their houses are always in order, with each item neatly in place. They never seem to have piles lying around or clutter of any kind.

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Others simply canít seem to avoid disarray. Their lives are filled with hectic heaps of things waiting to be done, be they household tasks or errands to take care of.

Most of us fall somewhere in between. Weíre not entirely untidy but neither are we able to handle every small task that comes our way with utmost efficiency.

While itís relatively simple to determine what needs to be done in a home, it can be more difficult to stay organised at work. From prioritizing tasks to arranging paperwork in a way that is conducive to effective business processes, even the most powerful executives can find it hard to keep a large desk tidy.

There are loads of ways to order tasks and processes, but a tidy desk and uncluttered physical working environment is essential before task organization can begin. It is important to have an office organization strategy in place.

Be Committed

The first step to getting organised at the office is to be 100% committed to neatness. You can likely list many reasons why itís necessary to keep your desk tidy, and thereís no reason to begin the process of organization if you wonít be able to adhere to it. Promise yourself that from this day forth youíll be dedicated to keeping your entire workspace free of clutter.

Identify Problem Areas

Think of the areas in greatest need of organization. Perhaps youíve got a stack of papers on your desk or a basket that seems to get overloaded with items youíve put off.

Problem areas can also include a poorly arranged work space that doesnít allow for easy manoeuvring and storage.

Purchase Accordingly

Thereís nothing like a few key organization tools to get you motivated to stay neat. Buy items like a large desk tidy, pen pots and specific file folders for storage of everything you can imagine.

Eliminate piles of papers from your desk with specific baskets for urgent and non-urgent documents and be sure to revise the contents of each daily.

Identify Times for Organization

You may not be able to spend your entire day filing and tidying up. However, there should be at least a short period in the morning, afternoon and evening that you can dedicate to organization. Think realistically about what times will work best for you, and the importance of arriving to a tidy desk with large empty spaces that you can maintain throughout the day.

Create Organization Routines

Once you have your schedule more or less sorted, create organization routines by adhering to your schedule.
Sooner or later your practises will become habit, leaving your desk tidy at all times.

Have Realistic Expectations

You may at times have a few papers or pens lying about, but donít feel too guilty about it. Your organization strategy should by and large be about having a tidy desk, but in reality you may find yourself in the midst of a busy day with no time to dedicate to cleaning. Simply be sure to organise during your next scheduled period, and donít let yourself fall too far behind.

Remember that a few moments spent organising will lead to increased productivity and peace of mind.

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Six Steps to Keeping Your Desk Tidy

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