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What Need to Know About the Modular Home Construction Process

What Need to Know About the Modular Home Construction Process

Modular homes are often confused with mobile and manufactured homes, but modular homes are quite different...

Kyle Comino 

Modular homes are often confused with mobile and manufactured homes, but modular homes are quite different. While some of the concepts are the same, modular homes offer a less expensive, faster, more customizable way to get a permanent home than you would if you'd chosen a conventional house. Central to a modular home's identity is the construction process, which begins away from the home site. The way a modular home is constructed offers several benefits that make the final product well worth your time and money.

Basic Overview

A modular home is constructed in modules, or sections, away from the home's site. The modules are put together at the home's final location. Modular homes have to conform to local housing codes, and taxes, loans, and insurance should be the same for the home as if it had been built from scratch on-site. It's interesting to note that modular homes are often better in terms of strength and quality because they have to be built to handle transport on roads. The sections have to get from the factory to the home's permanent site somehow, and that means anything built in the factory has to be able to withstand a jarring ride down the freeway.

The Steps That Go Into Creating a Modular Home

The first step is actually to choose a design. Modular homes are easy to customize, and that means that there are many, many options available. You'll have to sit down with the modular company's representatives to see what they have and what you can get for the price you want. You'll have to have land available, already in your name. The modular home company will arrange for the foundation for the house to be constructed while the home's modules are being manufactured. If you want a basement or under-house crawl space, the company will double-check to see if the land you have is suitable for those.

Construction will begin on the foundation once the deal is finalized. If you need financing, you can talk to your bank or see if there are recommended mortgage companies that other buyers often use. Each home plan is divided into modules, and construction will start on each section as soon as possible. During manufacturing, the sections are continually inspected on-site, often by third parties. The factory should be climate-controlled.
A major benefit of the way modular homes are constructed in a factory is that there are no weather delays. The foundation's construction might face those, but the home's sections won't be exposed to adverse conditions while being built.

Once the separate sections are ready to go - they'll be ready for wiring and plumbing to be connected at the site - they are transported to the site, pending the completion of the foundation. The final step is to attach the sections to the foundation and put the house together. Wiring and plumbing are completed, and any hookups to city sewers or septic tanks are accomplished at this point. The house's location is permanent as if it had been built on-site.

Once the modular home is complete, you can turn your attention to landscaping and other home-maintenance issues like any other homeowner. If you'd like more tips for dealing with modular homes, Home Nation is an excellent source. Modular homes cost less to build and do often qualify as a green building. These homes are easy to customize, so if you have concerns about aging in place or having specific spaces dedicated to activities like music, you can have those built into the home, rather than having to modify one after the fact. Check out Home Nation for more advice, and happy designing!


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Kyle works in business development at Home Nation. Through his work, he has had lots of experience with the dynamics of affordable housing and real estate that goes with it.

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What Need to Know About the Modular Home Construction Process

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