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Take Your Time Before Printing Product Labels

Take Your Time Before Printing Product Labels

Product labels are a part of your advertising strategy. If the packaging looks good, people will be more enticed to pick the product...


Product labels are a part of your advertising strategy. If the packaging looks good, people will be more enticed to pick the product. For instance, if they want to buy something and they don't know the specific brand they prefer, they will have nothing else to base their judgment on other than the product label. By having something attractive on your label, people will easily pick your product over the others.

Colour is essential

The colour you use in the labels is very important. You need to stick with just one colour and make it similar to your brand. When people see the colour, they will recognise that it is your brand. There are several brands that have already made a single colour choice for their labels, and people now associate the said colour with the company.

Avoid a lot of words

Product labels are meant to provide information, but it doesn't mean you can write whatever you want. Perhaps, the back portion could contain the ingredients, nutritional values, steps for cooking and other detailed information. However, the front should be minimalistic. Just the name of the product and an image should suffice.

Double check the spelling

This might seem like a minor issue, but it can affect how people view your brand. There have been several products that ended up being recalled just because there were issues with spelling or word choice. Once the labels have been printed, doing a recall would be expensive. You should avoid it by double checking every detail or asking someone else to have a closer look.

Choose the right printer

You can print using ordinary printers if you are just running a very small local business. However, if you plan to mass produce, you should have the best labelling machine. Again, the labels are a part of your brand. The quality of the label does not necessarily reflect the quality of the product, but it could affect the perception of buyers. It won't hurt if you spend more for quality printing, especially if it could potentially increase the sales of your products. Stick with quality printing companies to ensure the sharpness of the colours and the quality of the material used for printing.

Once everything is set, you can have sample labels printed. Once you have checked that the labels look great, you will be ready to print in mass. You should also check if the labels are just right by surveying those who have bought your product. This will guide you for next time should you decide to improve the product labels and come up with a better version.

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Take Your Time Before Printing Product Labels

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