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Is It Safe to Live in a House Needing Foundation Repair

Is It Safe to Live in a House Needing Foundation Repair

Smart homeowners follow these tips to maintain a healthy foundation...


If your home needs foundation repair in Indianapolis, don’t put off scheduling a foundation inspection or needed fixes! A strong, stable foundation is vital for your home’s overall condition, and neglecting those repairs can result in even more costly, extensive damage over time. While timely foundation repair in Indianapolis means saving money in the long run, it’s also not always safe to live in a home with foundation problems!

Before you go another year without calling foundation contractors in Indianapolis, note some reasons why you want to schedule this work as soon as possible or, and how foundation damage can mean an unsafe home. Be sure to discuss this information with a foundation contractor in Indianapolis, or a real estate agent if you’re considering buying a home with foundation damage, so you know your house is always strong and in good condition.
Is It Safe to Live in a Home Needing Foundation Repair in Indianapolis?
If your home has obvious signs of foundation damage, or you’re thinking of buying a home needing foundation repairs, note how that damaged foundation affects a home’s stability and also your safety.

- Small cracks, chips, and spalling along foundation surfaces let in water and moisture, which softens concrete and allows those cracks to get even bigger! The longer you ignore that damage, the sooner you’ll see extensive cracks and chips and more severe, costly foundation damage.

- Cracks also let out your home’s heating and cooling, spiking utility costs and resulting in added wear and tear on the HVAC system.

- As a home’s foundation weakens, it often begins to settle or shift to one direction or another. As it does, that sinking side pulls on interior and exterior surfaces, leading to cracked walls and ceilings and crooked door jambs and window frames. Doors and windows might then stick or not lock securely.

- In some cases, you might also notice cracks in room corners, where drywall or plaster sections meet each other and then get pulled out of place. Baseboards and crown molding might also pull away from the wall, creating more gaps and cracks.

- In extreme cases, as the home sinks or shifts to one side, the interior floors might crack and buckle. Pulling on the roof can mean cracks and damaged shingles, tiles, flashing, and other materials. Plumbing pipes can pull away from connectors, resulting in water leaks and resultant clogs.

- While rare, ceilings can collapse in homes with foundation damage.

- Cracks along the foundation and walls let in more moisture and water, which risks wood rot along the home’s framing as well as mold growth. Insects and rodents are also attracted to water sources and especially standing water, such as puddles in a home’s basement.

All this secondary damage is costly to repair; mold cleanup, for instance, can run into the thousands of dollars, depending on the extent of mold growth. This is one vital reason to schedule foundation repair in Indianapolis as soon as you notice cracks and chips, to keep that damage from getting worse over time.

This damage can also become hazardous for you and your family, especially if you ignore it indefinitely. Mold growth is associated with many health problems, including respiratory distress and skin irritation. Insects and rodents attracted to excess moisture in the home can track bacteria, germs, and even disease into the house!

Buckled floors are also dangerous for anyone in the home and can cause tripping hazards before you notice the floors need repairs. A cracked roof also increases the risk of it collapsing, which can be dangerous to anyone in the attic or second story. While collapsed interior ceilings, walls, doorframes, and other surfaces are rare, they can be dangerous to anyone in the home.
What Is the Best Method of Foundation Repair in Indianapolis?
Depending on your home’s damage, your Indianapolis foundation contractor might suggest steel or helical piers, installed under foundations to provide added support. Slab jacking uses a strong slurry injected under a structure; as this slurry dries, it “jacks up” the structure, restoring it to a level and even position.

Epoxy injections are often used for smaller cracks and chips, filling in those gaps as needed. Basement waterproofing or crawlspace encapsulation for an Indianapolis home helps protect it from future damage, keeping that foundation strong.

To ensure strong fixes that last, schedule foundation repair in Indianapolis as soon as you notice cracks and other signs of damage. Timely repairs ensures your structure remains stable and strong and protects you from risks associated with a damaged foundation.


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Foundation Repair in Indianapolis

Andy has over 30 years of experience in the repair repair industry and serves many of the surrounding markets even beyond Indianapolis, Indiana. His company serves hundreds of homes each year experiencing foundation problems which he provides inspections for to diagnose issues and provide the proper solutions.

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Is It Safe to Live in a House Needing Foundation Repair

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