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Small Kitchen Remodels: Are They Really Worth the Investment?

Small Kitchen Remodels: Are They Really Worth the Investment?

What the central nervous system is to the human body, is the kitchen to the home...


What the central nervous system is to the human body, is the kitchen to the home. The kitchen is the home's focal point; It’s no wonder that small kitchen remodels have recently become common among many homeowners. An updated kitchen not only improves the feel and functionality of your overall home but invariably has the most significant payoff in terms of adding extreme value to your property.

Of course, projects of this kind can appear daunting, but they are worth every investment that goes into them. Do you know there are numerous benefits to kitchen remodels? A modest kitchen renovation is vital to healthy living. For instance, according to RiverStone Kitchen Renovation, 33% of homeowners, after updating their kitchens, experienced a healthier lifestyle. Then again, about 50% enjoyed more family time, and 41% cooked more at home.

This piece unravels numerous benefits of why you should consider kitchen remodeling! This information is provided by our kitchen remodelers at San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros. If you’re interested in learning more, click “Visit Website” for additional information.

When should I remodel my kitchen?

Typically, there are plenty of compelling reasons that would make homeowners consider embarking on a minor or overall kitchen makeover. For example, old appliances, worn-down drawers, filthy cabinets, damaged sinks, and more would give your kitchen and your entire home a lousy impression.

It's ideal to carry out kitchen renovation when you're about to sell your home. Upgrading your kitchen can drastically up the value of your property. Home Beautiful projects that you'll recoup 54 to 77 percent of what you spend depending on the extent of the project.

Sign you need kitchen remodels.

Some salient signs that will make you consider kitchen remodels are:

Your kitchen is out of fashion.

The primary reason you should update your kitchen is when it's no longer fashionable. Over the last two decades, the kitchen has become the locus of the home, and hence, they’ve become spacious with more countertops and cabinets. Modern kitchens have specified areas for coffee, small appliances, and food preparation. Contemporary kitchens have neutral colors, and the overall surfaces are easy to clean.

You want to improve your kitchen's functionality.

A modest kitchen can help you get the best cooking facilities that alleviate difficulties in preparing a meal. In other words, an updated kitchen would improve the appearance and functions of your kitchen making cooking less of a chore.

Your needs for your kitchen will typically change as your lifestyle does as well. As your family members grow, there would be a need to upgrade your kitchen to cater to their ever-expanding needs. There should be provisions for charging digital facilities as well as space for other homework and projects. Your kitchen should be a place to socialize with your family and friends readily.

Your kitchen is damaged.

Kitchens are amongst the most used rooms in the home; hence they are susceptible to breaking down. For instance, you may experience difficulty sliding or opening your drawers due to wear and tear. Moreover, your cracked floor tiles and backsplash may fail to give your walls adequate protection against spills.

Retrofitting your kitchen to an up-to-date standard not only prevents water leaks under your sink but also helps improve some of the built-in appliances like microwave and toaster that may no longer be in good condition.

You want to increase your home's value.

If you are about to sell your home, a proper kitchen renovation is a part of your need to increase its ROI. A fresh kitchen will attract buyers and help you dispose of your house pretty quickly. Potential homebuyers are very mindful of the overall layout of your kitchen, and the appearance of your kitchen appliances must measure up to buyers' expectations if you would want your home to generate a handsome sum when sold.

How much does a small kitchen remodel cost?

The size of your kitchen plays a significant role in determining how expensive your kitchen makeover gets. The cost of a small kitchen renovation typically ranges between $5000 to $20,000, depending on the extent of the renovation. Whether you're embarking on a minor or an upscale kitchen facelift is primarily dependent on your budget.

If you plan to spruce up your kitchen on a shoestring budget, you can opt for minor kitchen remodels. You can improve your home's value with low-cost improvement methods without necessarily breaking the bank. By enhancing the most outdated elements, you can bring your kitchen to up-to-date standards.

On the contrary, a high-end kitchen renovation can be capital intensive. If you plan to dispose of your home quickly, an upscale refurbishment would not be the best way to go. For instance, the national average ROI for an upscale kitchen remodel is 54%. By implication, you can only recover $68,000 after expending about $126,000 on a kitchen project. You should opt for a significant kitchen remodel if you plan to stay between 15 to 20 years in your current home.

However, a minor renovation project adds the most value. On average, an investment of $21,000 will recoup $17,000, an ROI of 81%. In other words, It will be more reasonable to carry out some necessary renovation that's cost-effective to avoid your money going down the drain.

Is a small kitchen remodel really worth it?

There is no gain saying a minor kitchen remodel is critical to your home. A proper kitchen update adds tremendous value to your home and helps attract many buyers when you offer your house for sale.

Moreover, there is an innate satisfaction and joy that homeowners derive from having a magnificent kitchen. An aesthetically pleasing kitchen makes cooking less of a chore.


A small kitchen project can do wonders for your overall home improvement. Having adequate knowledge on how to give your kitchen a modest facelift will help you streamline your budget. Overhauling the entire kitchen may sometimes be counterproductive as you may not recoup enough of your investment when you list your home in the real estate market.

However, a minor kitchen project can make a world of difference. By refinishing your cabinets, installing new flooring, buying stainless appliances, upgrading to granite or quartz countertops, and more, you can adorn your kitchen and dramatically improve its functionality and value.



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Small Kitchen Remodels: Are They Really Worth the Investment?

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