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Best Internet Directories

Best Internet Directories

This article takes a look at some of the best directories on the Internet and provides a comprehensive list of recommended directories where to submit your website.

Brian Turner 

Most directories offer minimal traffic. If you're looking for lots of sales, don't ever rely on a single directory. And even submission to a large number of directories isn't going to bring in a great number of sales leads.

That's because most surfers don't usually turn to a directory to find a site - they usually turn to search engines or personal recommendations.

Of course, there are some good b2b and niche directories out there, that people will use to help focus on vertical searches away from general search engine noise. But many of these directories are not in commercial sectors and specialized reference sites. Where such specialist sites exist in your market area and your site is eligible for a listing, it is certainly recommended that you consider submitting to them.

However, in my personal opinion, the biggest advantage that directories can offer is for search engine purposes. In short, being listed on a wide spread of IP blocks, across on-topic pages, and listed with other quality sites, can be advantageous for search engine purposes - as described in this article: The Rise of the Directory.

This page offers a list of some of the best directories out there for general listing purposes. All of which follow these important fundamentals:

  • directories whose pages can be easily indexed
  • directories who offer links search engines can follow
  • directories that are not DMOZ clones
  • directories that are not black-listed FFA's
  • directories offering some degree of quality control

What is truly astonishing is how small this list actually is.   Most directories redirect URL's, which - coupled with low traffic- makes them fundamentally useless. Other directories have enough variables in their page URL's to choke even the happiest search engine spider.  And I am not convinced that DMOZ clones offer any benefits whatsoever under any user criteria.

What this list reveals is that there are very few good directories worth submitting to. Many of the ones listed below offer free listings. However, some are offer paid-for listings only. That sometimes seems too expensive - personally, I'd say it's a clear sign of quality control.  Personal recommendation? Submit to as many as you can budget for.

NOTE 1: I have *not* included directories that only require a reciprocal link for a listing.

NOTE 2: There are other directories I have purposefully excluded, such as Buzzle, TurnPike, Qango, and a number of others. This is on the grounds of my submitting a string of quality commercial and non-commercial sites in January 2004 - none of which were listed by November 2004. Either they are not actively taking submissions, or else you are likely to be generally wasting your time submitting to them.

This list is not entirely comprehensive or exhaustive. But it's pretty darn close.

Directories - in alphabetical order

  1. 01WebDirectory COST: Free or $49 express
  2. 192 Directory COST: 25 one-time or 85 per year premium
  3. 1st Spot COST: $15
  4. 4intrepid COST: Reciprocal link or $19.95
  5. Ajdee COST: Non-profit $1; Commercial $25
  6. Allestra COST: $39
  7. All the Bizz COST: Basic, free; Express, $10
  8. AllTheWebsites COST: Free
  9. AllWebDirectory COST: $15
  10. America's Best COST: Free for non-commercial, $4.95 normal listing, $9.95 sponsor (US sites)
  11. Arielis COST: $25
  12. Around the Web COST: $15
  13. Bcentral (Microsoft) Business Directory COST: $50 per year for 3 listings
  14. Bigall COST: Basic, free; Premuim $10
  15. Biz Directory COST: $40; Sponsor $100
  16. Bluefind COST: $50
  17. Best of the Web COST: Non-commercial free; commercial $29.95
  18. Business Plexus COST: Free
  19. BusinessSeek COST: Free; sponsored from $20 per year
  20. CannyLink COST: $19.95
  21. Category Web COST: $16.95 per year; $34.95 lifetime
  22. Data Spear COST: $40 fee
  23. Directory Archives COST: free (for directories)
  24. DirectoryHere COST: $19.95
  25. DirOne COST: Free
  26. DMOZ COST: Free
  27. Elib COST: Free for reciprocal links, or 50 Euros
  28. Find Hound COST: Free basic, 10 submit
  29. HeDir COST: Free
  30. Gimpsy COST: Free, or $40 express
  31. Go Guides COST: $39.95
  32. Great Nexus COST: $60 per year
  33. GreenStalk COST: Free
  34. Haabaa COST: Free
  35. In Crawler COST: Reciprocal link, or $24.95
  36. Index Unlimited COST: Reciprocal link, or $29
  37. Info Web World COST: Free
  38. Jayde COST: Free
  39. JoeAnt COST: Free as editor; Express, $39.95
  40. LifeStyle UK COST: Free, 25, or 50
  41. Limey Search COST: 9.95 (UK sites: database shared by Abraxa)
  42. Linkopedia COST: $9.95
  43. Massive links COST: Free Basic or $9.95 Express
  44. Net Zoning COST: Free
  45. Ozami COST: Free non-commercial or $40 commercial
  46. Pharos SearchCOST: Non-commercial, free; Commercial, $25.95
  47. Platinax Directory COST: 9.95 per year
  48. Primo COST: Free
  49. PutMyFinger COST: Free
  50. Primo COST: $19.95
  51. SearchTurtle COST: $4.95 or $19.95
  52. SevenSeek COST: $40
  53. Sezza COST: Free
  54. Site Sift COST: $12.95
  55. Skaffe COST: $39.95
  56. Small Business Pro COST: Free
  57. Smaller Bizz COST: Free basic, or $10 express
  58. Spheri COST: Free
  59. Stormer COST: Free
  60. Submit Services COST: Free basic, or $25 premium
  61. Sun Steam COST: $24.95 per year, or $45
  62. Tek Guide COST: Free, but must be IT based
  63. This is our Year COST: $19.95, requires membership
  64. Tygo Directory Free, or $19.95 express
  65. UKwhizz directory COST: Free
  66. Uncover the Web COST: $9.95
  67. Web Atlas COST: $24.95
  68. WebBeacon COST: $39.99
  69. Webmaster Toolkit directory COST: Free
  70. Web World Index COST: Free basic, Premium $25
  71. World Site Index COST: Free basic, Premium 7.05
  72. Wow Directory COST: Basic, free; Express, $20
  73. Yahoo COST: Non-commercial, free; Commercial, $299 per year
  74. Yeandi COST: free
  75. Zeal COST: Free (only accepts non-commercial sites).


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Brian Turner is a UK based SEO professional.

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Best Internet Directories

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